Sunday, 12 January 2014

experiments in latch hooking

this is the first time i have ever attempted a latch hook tapestry, and i'm pretty thrilled with the results. and while i'm notching up 'firsts', i've also gone and done my first ever photoshoot of my own work (aside from my uni days). so, ta-da!

note: the framed drawing in the top photo is by a very talented friend, sam wallman.

the wall hanging was inspired by this amazing painting:


  1. Wauw, this looks really great! :) How did you make it? What material did you use for the "background"?

    1. thanks mille! i used a tool called a latch hook that is used to knot each separate length of yarn through a mesh canvas (the 'background'). both of these items should be easy enough to find in an art supplies or craft store. hope this helps!

    2. Ah, thank you! I have to try this - it looks so neat :)

    3. yes - do! and let me know how you go :)