Monday, 23 July 2012

slow and steady

 (not so) secret work in progress

it's funny how things work out sometimes.  the very same week that my blog went 'live', and i announced to my world that i'd started a label, i was offered an amazing job.  now, six weeks in, it's still amazing.  i'm teaching, and i'm also learning a lot from my students. the course is different to most as it's tailored to people who are new to australia.  incidentally, i'm learning a lot about geography, about new cultures and traditions, but mostly i'm learning about what it's like to leave your country (and your family, or friends, or all three) and start over in a totally new environment. so, in essence, i've been able to find a job that combines many things that are important to me: fashion + textiles, creativity, social inclusion, empowerment, community, independence, skills sharing...

this may all seem like a fancy way to excuse my lack of activity on this blog, and i guess that it is.  however, my new job has been a surprising catalyst to something unexpected; boosting my creative confidence. when you spend a lot of time on your own, and in your own head debating the relevance/importance/point to any of it, it's easy to talk yourself out of something that really is quite simple.  that is, taking the time out to do the things you love.  so when i consider the challenges many of my students have faced before ending up in a fashion class with me, i am reminded that the only barrier i have faced so far has been self imagined, through second guessing and over-analysing things.  so with this clarity, i've been thinking about the things i make much less as finished products and whether i'll like outcome, and am just enjoying the process of creating.