Monday, 21 May 2012

mood board

below is a collection of images that are currently being cut out and pasted up on the wall of my studio.

i tend not to formulate a theme as the starting point for a collection, rather i collect a series of images over time and find that the theme comes to me.  i'm always (read: obsessively) collecting pictures that take my fancy, whether it's a stand out colour, a general feel of the image, or a to-die-for pattern.  below are some of the things i'm in love with at the moment.

i guess it's easy to see that there is a correlation between these images, although it's hard for me to identify this until everything is sitting together.  seems as if the new collection will be informed by geometrics, bold + solid colours, repetition, and abstracted shapes. this is certainly no concept album!

clare grill


 miranda skoczek

 nine patch quilt, possibly made in new jersey, united states, circa 1900-1920