Wednesday, 13 April 2011

meadow sweet melodies

years ago a friend of mine was given a mix tape by a special someone.  hand scrawled on the cover was the unfortunate title of 'meadow sweet melodies', and this became a bit of an in-joke, or easy way to tease my mate ad nauseam, despite the cute gesture.
today it will be 'imortalized' in web form.... wonder if nick still has the tape?

things that i've wandered across this morning that i think are great:

the first is a jewellery piece by melbourne artist katherine bowman.  the above image was found at her website.  she has a great aesthetic - really earthy and organic shapes.

the second is a print by julia mckenzie...i know nothing about her work, only that she has exhibited at st judes gallery in the uk.
seems the theme today is quite obvious?

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